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Insurance, conditions and burden proof


Subject to the terms conditions and exclusions of this policy as agreed by You and Us, We agree to provide indemnity in respect of any Motor Vehicle described in the Schedule against loss damage or liability as hereafter mentioned arising out of an Accident or theft,

Provided …

(4) Your Motor Vehicle is being used in connection with Your occupation or business, or in the case of a sedan or station sedan, Your occupation, business or private use.


We may refuse to pay a claim, or may reduce the amount payable under a claim to the extent that Your breach of any condition of this policy causes or contributes to loss, damage or liability or prejudices Our interest or rights, in respect of that claim.


You and any person acting on Your behalf must exercise reasonable care and precautions to prevent loss or damage to the Motor Vehicle, and comply with all statutory obligations and by-laws or regulations imposed by any public authority, for the safety of the Motor Vehicle/s and, for the carriage of goods and merchandise.

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