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12 tips to going paperless March 18, 2018

Yet, believe it or not, going paperless is easier than you think. What used to be a more expensive and time-consuming option has now, thanks to hundreds of companies who have rethought old ways of working, become a valid option to actually start saving time, money and the environment. Sounds tempting, right?

I am trying to go paperless.

There’s no doubt that the latest versions of document reading software are better at many things than paper. When reading a brief or a large document bookmarks can be placed in chronological order, and (as with highlights and outlines) can be created and viewed in iOS on the iPad or macOS on the desktop irrespective of which device was used to create the annotations.

I am using PDF expert to read and finereader to turn ordinary PDFs into searchable PDFs.

I use GoodNotes for note taking.

So, now when a brief that would have just beeen photocopied is sent it can be sent by email, thumb drive or shared on a cloud service like Dropbox. If nothing else this should save the cost of paper. And if paper is needed for some reason you can print the document.

Here is the article with the 12 tips.


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