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About The Dog

The dog is Meadow, the chocolate labrador who is 8 years old:

She had a hard life: her first family decided she was too much trouble so they gave her back to her breeder.

Luckily for her it was our son’s birthday and our first choccy, Romany, had died a few months earlier.  He was very close to her, so we bought him a choccy.

Unfortunately she ate a snail and contracted a reasonably rare parasitic illness: if it doesn’t kill you it can make you very ill.  Its quite common after rain, but is plain bad luck because the dog or person has to eat the snail at just the wrong time in its life cycle.  Luckily the vets suspected it immediately – because they see a bit of it – and they treated her on the assumption she had it.  The results had to come back from Tasmania and if we waited for them she probably would have died.

She pulled through but it was a very rough start to life for her.

As an aside it turns out that this illness affects humans too: we heard a story of a teenage boy who ate a snail for a dare and contracted the condition. After being wheel chair bound for many years he died.

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