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Robert Sheldon SC
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Lichaa v Boutros [2021] NSWCA 322 The need for reasons and the content of reasons to satisfy that obligation were conveniently summarised...

Wollongong City Council v Williams [2021] NSWCA 140

TORTS — Negligence — Appellant injured as a result of falling on the first step on a stepped path in...

Notices of contention

Fuller v Albert (No 3) [2021] NSWCA 226 [7] At the outset, it needs to be understood that a Notice...

Contractual damages for anxiety and distress

The appellant was not entitled to damages for inconvenience and distress caused by the respondent’s failure to indemnify for the...

What is a “relevant order” under the Federal Courts (State Jurisdiction) Act 1999 (NSW)

Sydney Seaplanes Pty Ltd v Page [2021] NSWCA 204 Per Bell P; Leeming JA agreeing at [147]; Emmett AJA agreeing...

Obvious risk: framing the relevant risk

Cox v Mid-Coast Council [2021] NSWCA 190 It was not appropriate specificallyto identify the Ferris wheel in the characterisation of the risk of...

Legal advice – misleading and deceptive

Bartier Perry Pty Ltd v Paltos [2021] NSWCA 158 Mr Paltos sought damages under s 236 of the Australian Consumer Law. While the measure...

Obviousness & contributory negligence

Wollongong City Council v Williams [2021] NSWCA 140 TORTS — Negligence — Appellant injured as a result of falling on...

Proving fraud

Musa v Alzreaiawi [2021] NSWCA 12 It is not in dispute that the primary judge correctly held that s 140(2) of the Evidence Act applied...
Recent Cases

Recent cases of mine

About Me

I was admitted to the bar in 1991.  I took silk in 2009.  Before that I was a solicitor and before that a paralegal.

I try to do work in any area I am offered, but I will not appear or work without an instructing solicitor.

My hourly and daily rates vary depending on the type of work and the client: if you want to get an idea of my fees, email me. If you have a different fee proposal let me know and I Amy be prepared to accomodate you. Feel free to ask me for a CV.

About The Dog

The dog is my cherished Meadow, the chocolate labrador who is 4 years old.

She had a hard life: her first family decided she was too much trouble so they gave her back to her breeder.

Luckily for her it was our son’s birthday and our first choccy, Romany, had died a few months earlier.  He was very close to her, so we ‘adopted’ a choccy.

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