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Administrative law: what a medical panel knows

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW – claim under Motor Accidents Compensation Act 1999 (NSW) following motor accident – assessment by medical review panel...

A collection and application of the principles governing s. 50D of the Limitation Act, 1969

Pomare v Hogan (No 3) [2019] NSWSC 497: Adamson J 93 The focus of Division 6 is the knowledge of...

Reopening of entered orders

[54] Rule 36.16(3A) was introduced following the change to the procedure for the entering of orders whereby orders will be...

Offers of compromise with terms not reflected in final orders

[32] The Offer of Compromise however had some 10 additional terms, examples of which are as follows: “2. The defendant’s...

The meaning and effect of granting liberty to apply

[20] Nor do I consider that, as the applicant argued, the effect of the grant of liberty to apply was...

Brexit explained

Prorogation must be distinguished from the dissolution of Parliament. The dissolution of Parliament brings the current Parliament to an end....

Administrative law: obligation to give reasons

ADMINISTRATIVE LAW – application for judicial review of decision of Medical Review Panel – decision favourable to claimant with regard...

Legal professional privilege: dominant versus secondary purpose

DOUGLAS v MORGAN [2019] SASCFC 76 Legal professional privilege 41 Legal professional privilege “is a rule of substantive law which...

Appeals – orders not reasons

11. In relation to the appellant’s principal point, that he wishes to challenge the “finding” of the court below and...
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I was admitted to the bar in 1991.  I took silk in 2009.  Before that I was a solicitor and before that a paralegal.

I try to do work in any area I am offered, but I will not appear or work without an instructing solicitor.

My hourly and daily rates vary depending on the type of work and the client: if you want to get an idea of my fees, email me. If you have a different fee proposal let me know and I Amy be prepared to accomodate you. Feel free to ask me for a CV.

About The Dog

The dog is my cherished Meadow, the chocolate labrador who is 4 years old.

She had a hard life: her first family decided she was too much trouble so they gave her back to her breeder.

Luckily for her it was our son’s birthday and our first choccy, Romany, had died a few months earlier.  He was very close to her, so we ‘adopted’ a choccy.