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Damages – General Principles

Costs of defending criminal proceedings flowing from wrongful arrest not recoverable

By robertsheldon / December 21, 2018 /

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Loss of commercial opportunity

By robert / June 20, 2018 /

CONTRACT – breach – solicitor’s retainer – failure to pursue proceedings against third party – loss of commercial opportunity of recovery – proceedings later successful – no recovery due to third party’s bankruptcy – whether solicitor’s breach caused loss of valuable opportunity – whether plaintiff entitled to damages – assessing damages for loss of valuable…

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Pre-existing medical conditions, aggravation and the burden of proof

By robert / February 18, 2018 /

TORTS – negligence – apportionment of responsibility and damages – medical negligence – whether pre-existing condition was progressively deteriorating – whether causation was established – whether assessment of damages could be challenged – challenges to findings of fact and damages dismissed

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Exemplary damages: general principles and criminal penalty

By robert / November 24, 2016 /

Cheng v Farjudi [2016] NSWCA 316 Principles [49] Because, as her Honour observed, the usual rule is that exemplary damages are not awarded where a person has been subject to a criminal sanction, I have found it appropriate to re-visit the principles governing such an award than might otherwise be necessary, those principles being well established.…

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Statutory construction and the rule against double compensation

By Robert Sheldon / September 11, 2015 / Comments Off on Statutory construction and the rule against double compensation

STATUTORY INTERPRETATION – application of general law principles to statutory compensation scheme – construing two statutes of the same legislature conformably – whether provisions of one statute picked up by second statute WORKERS’ COMPENSATION – dust diseases – whether qualified claimant entitled to payment of benefit – whether Dust Diseases Board entitled to refuse claim…

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